Expert Seminar--the Business Model of 3D Printing?

3D printing, born in 30 years ago, does not develop so fast as people’s imagination, there are two main reasons, on one hand, 3D printing technology is not a strong alternative technology, unable to compete with the traditional manufacturing technology; on the other hand, there is no a mature business model. The mode of traditional manufacturing, such as producing equipment and selling equipment is obviously not suitable for 3D printing industry, so, how can we adjust our strategy, and effectively open the application market?

  • Mark Pierson
  • Darrell R. Wallace
    Associate Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Ken Church
    nScrypt, Inc.
  • Yoni Binstock
    Goodnight Labs, Climate scores
  • Dima Elissa

Technology Seminar--the Technology Road-map of 3D Printing

Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, 3D printing is a frontier advanced manufacturing technology, however, how to combine the technology with market is a difficult problem. And the technical route of 3D printing should pay close attention to the application market changes, and lead the expansion of application market. If we cannot quickly open the application market of 3D printing in three to five years, 3D printing may be replaced by more advanced technology in the future.

Opening Ceremony and Theme Report--Innovating a Good Life with 3D Printing

3D printing technology has attracted wide attention from all circles of society in recent years and this technology is facing a good opportunity to make great progress. But how to depict the future blueprint of 3D printing to users and society, how to scientifically apply 3D printing technology to biological medicine and cultural creativity, how to implement the “3D printing, innovation unlimited” as well as the aims of innovation life.

Ideological Debates--the Comparative Advantage of 3D Printing?

It seems that the development of 3D printing enters?into the mistaken?position, the social impression is 3D printing seems able to do anything and omnipotent, while actually 3D printing technology can not replace traditional manufacturing technology in most areas, so the key to the development of 3D printing is playing its comparative advantage, and finding the market orientation of their own.

  • Yaser Shanjani:Stanford University
  • Tan Song Bin:GuangDong Silverage Technology
  • Liza Wallach Kloski:HoneyPoint 3D
  • Adrienne Healey:Pinshape
  • Yaser Shanjani
    Stanford University
  • Tan Song Bin
    GuangDong Silverage Technology
  • Liza Wallach Kloski
    HoneyPoint 3D
  • Adrienne Healey
  • 现场照片

Dialogue--the Trend of 3D Printing

Looking from the history of future development of 3D printing technology, the present 3D printing is still in the primary stage of development as a whole, will also combine with more closely with the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other advanced technology, and become a part of the future intelligent manufacturing platform.


  • Graham Tromans
  • Nora Toure,Sculpteo
  • Zhen Qian
  • Chris D. McCoy, You3Dit
  • Graham Tromans
    Chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance
  • Nora Toure
  • Zhen Qian
    Georgia Health Sciences University
  • Chris D. McCoy
  • Li Tao
    Deputy Director of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance

Feature Report--the Market Application of 3D Printing

  • Tom Charron
    3D Systems
  • Carsten Jarfelt
  • Michael Golubev
    3D Ponics Inc.
  • Frank Gao
    GuideMia Technologies, LLC
  • Jack Zhou
    Drexel University,Vice Chairman of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance

New Products Presentation

We will offer buyers an opportunity to discuss face to face about 3D printing in school and family as well as promotion in the United States, Europe and China.


  • Dave Flynn
  • Annie Wang
  • John Oney

World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance Organization

  • Chairman:Graham Tromans
    Chairman of Additive Manufacturing Association UK
  • Vice Chairman:Yan Yongnian
    Professor of Tsinghua University
  • Vice Chairman:Wilfried Vancraen
    CEO of Materialise, Belgium,
  • Vice Chairman:Jack Zhou
    Professor of Drexel University
  • Vice Chairman:Hans J. Langer
    CEO of EOS
  • Consultant:Jack Keverian
    Emeritus Professor, Materials Science& Engineering Department Drexel University
  • Vice Chairman:Peter X.Ma
    PhD. Professor University of Michigan
  • Vice Chairman:Shi Yusheng
    Distinguished Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Secretary-General:luojun
    Secretary-General of World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance
  • Vice Chairman:Ian Gibson
    Professor of Industrial Design at Deakin University
  • Vice Chairman:Jacques Mallette
    Mr Mallette President & CEO of AP&C Advanced Powders and Coatings Inc.
  • Vice Chairman:Hideshi Miura
    Chairman of Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy Professor of Kyushu University
  • Vice Chairman:Geoff McFarland
    Presideng of engineering and technology of Renishaw